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Explore the 2024 Vital Signs Report: Navigating the Future of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base

Welcome to the launch of NDIA's 2024 Vital Signs report, a comprehensive examination of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base (U.S. DIB) under the dual pressures of accelerating innovation and regulatory challenges. Discover how these conflicting forces are shaping the defense industry amid global security challenges.

Unprecedented Insights into the Defense Sector Dive deep into the findings from over 1,300 survey respondents, including government officials, private sector leaders, and experts from academia, research institutions, and NGOs. This year’s report offers an unmatched perspective on the interplay between government and industry, showcasing the collective vision for a robust U.S. DIB.

Key Highlights of the 2024 Vital Signs Report:

  • Analysis of the pressing need to balance acceleration with regulatory and supply chain constraints.
  • First-time inclusion of government officials in the survey, enhancing the depth of industry-government dialogue.
  • 40 actionable recommendations for the executive and legislative branches to fortify the U.S. DIB.
  • In-depth discussion on acquisition and regulatory challenges, funding needs, intellectual property rights, workforce development, capital investment, and supply chain resilience.

A Call to Action for National Security and Defense As outlined by NDIA President and CEO David Norquist, and Executive Vice President for Strategy and Policy Jennifer Stewart, the time is now to invest in the resilience and readiness of the U.S. DIB. This report advocates for significant government investment, emphasizing the importance of preparedness in an era of great power competition.

Download Vital Signs Today Gain access to critical insights and recommendations by downloading the 2024 Vital Signs report. Be part of the conversation that is set to redefine the future of national security and defense. Your involvement is crucial in navigating the complexities of the defense industry and ensuring a secure and prosperous future.