Praneetha Poloju

Vice Chair NDIA Manufacturing Division
Chief Semiconductor Technologist
Manufacturing Division Meeting : Industry Panel

Praneetha Poloju, Chief Semiconductor Technologist, Former Microsoft's Strategic Missions and Technology organization / Vice Chair National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Manufacturing Division

Praneetha Poloju' responsibilities include strengthening and empowering US Gov & Commercial Semiconductor industries with Microsoft Azure's solutions while bringing the partners and customers together within the High-tech value chain.

She is an expert in Silicon Manufacturing Life cycle, has worked at the top 4 foundries in the USA. At Intel, she led the MPS Foundry Program. At GlobalFoundries, she led large portfolio projects, with Strategic initiatives and Digital transformation solutions. She worked as a Research Staff Member for Advanced Chemical Mechanical Planarization at IBM TJ Watson Research, led Defectivity D0 program at IBM's 32nm facility and at Micron led Process Integration.

An Electrical engineering graduate from West Virginia University, she published papers with MRS, SPIE, IEEE and patents related to CMP. She serves as Vice Chair for NDIA Manufacturing board, volunteers at US Army STEM program, Society for Women Engineer.