Dr. John Matlik

NDIA Lifetime Member, OEM supporter of the Warfighter
Manufacturing Division Meeting : Toward An Industry Defined Buy-Plan For Surge

Dr. John F. Matlik is the Chief of Capability - Digital Engineering for Rolls-Royce Defense based in Indianapolis (USA). As a passionate, proactive thought and servant leader, Dr. Matlik drives digital transformation through implementation of digital capability according to Customer and business prioritized need. By passionately advocating for digital capability adoption and bringing others along with his energy and enthusiasm, he champions and enables value realization for Rolls-Royce Defense, it's Customers and the Aerospace Industry more broadly.

External to Rolls-Royce, Dr. Matlik is collaborates with US federal, Regional and State government leadership and cross professional societies on Advanced Manufacturing Program initiatives aimed at accelerating the integration of Digital Engineering & Digital Manufacturing capability into product life cycle development systems for increasing US national security & competitiveness. He is an AIAA Associate Fellow, and is a Purdue University Alum 3 times over having received his Ph.D. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering in 2004.