Mark Gordon

Manufacturing Industries, Inc
Manufacturing Division Meeting : MOC3HA and GAMMA-H, Manufacturing for Hypersonics

Mr. Gordon became the President of Mfg Strategy, Inc, in 2016, after 20 years at the National Center For Advanced Technologies where he served as the senior director for the Defense segment, including all technology, manufacturing, and R&D policy topics. He acts as the OSD ManTech LNO for the NextFlex Institute, established in 2015 to scale up critical manufacturing technologies for Flexible Hybrid Electronics. He also sits on the Joint Defense Manufacturing Technology Panel as the industry representative. Mr. Gordon is under Government contract for strategic planning initiatives involving technology transition mechanisms within DoD.

He has expertise in defense program strategic development, including R&D portfolio review, acquisition framework elements, and funding mechanisms through the PPBE.  He is a founding member of the DoD Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) Working Group, and developed the original definitions in 2001. Mark is a board member of the National Center For Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), and the Vice-Chair of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Manufacturing Division. He has twice testified to Congress on the importance of defense manufacturing to the US Economy and the need for a national manufacturing strategy. Mr. Gordon is currently the Vice-Chair of the SAE G-23 Manufacturing Management Committee.