Media Guidelines

2022 Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Conference Media Guidelines

The National Defense Industrial Association welcomes professional media members to cover the 2022 Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Conference. This event, Feb. 28-March 2, also will have a virtual/hybrid component, letting attendees take part online.


DO NOT register as media if you are not a working journalist. This includes those in advertising, marketing, business development and business operations including executives, publishers, analysts and public relations personnel and anyone who is not a working journalist.

All media registration requests are reviewed before credentials are issued. Organizers require proof of employment to make certain only qualified media receive press access. Qualified media are those journalists who work for a full-fledged news organization. Proof of employment includes press passes, business cards, letters of verification, a copy of or link to published work, a masthead with the media member’s name.

Freelance media must provide a letter or email from the outlet they are representing or, if working independently, a statement of editorial work.

Anyone found registered fraudulently as media will have their access revoked and will need to register as a paid participant to take part in TWV.

For media registration, contact Maura Deely at


NDIA is not liable for the actions of or statements from TWV participants during the conference. Event officials will remove inappropriate content from the website, including questions, chats and comments. They will disable accounts deemed responsible for such content or behavior. Any content that suggests direct threats or physical harm will be deleted and the posters will face consequences, to include charges where appropriate.


You will receive access as a media participant in TWV. The event’s scheduled sessions are on the record and open to media. Organizers may close a previously open portion of a program at their discretion; they will communicate these changes to media and attendees.

Virtual attendees will receive instructions for participation after registering. These will include login information, platform specifications and other pertinent details. If you do not receive this information via email, please contact Evamarie Socha at or Trish Wildt at as soon as possible.

Media are welcome to ask questions during the Q&A segments of events. Please identify yourself as a press member and your organization before asking your questions.

Public Affairs Office points of contact will assist with requests for interviews with government speakers or participants. NDIA points of contact will assist with requests for interviews with the association’s officials. 

Please use 2022 Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Conference or 2022 TWV Conference in your reporting. 

Media may record audio or video of conference sessions only for personal and individual use. Recordings may not be disseminated, posted online or rebroadcast in any format.


Trish Wildt, NDIA associate director of meetings

Evamarie Socha, NDIA director of public relations and communications

Maura Deely, NDIA meeting planner