Abstract Guidelines/ Call to Papers

Abstract Guidelines/Call to Papers

The Armaments Division is seeking presentations with relevance to the forums themes and sub-themes that are with clear and interesting content and offering a benefit to the community at large. Presentations linked to primary theme: Evolving Threat Spectrum or any of the three Committee themes or which address focus armament related topics for the USAF, U.S. Navy, and USMC are encouraged. Presentations addressing status and evolution of legacy and emerging system continue attention to capability readiness. While the division strongly discourages marketing, it is recognized that presentations involving innovation, emerging technologies and new systems may have the appearance of a “sales pitch”.  The division will work directly with any abstract author to structure a presentation that “speaks to the objective “and confirms benefits of the topic addressed. The division strongly encourages the innovation and initiative of companies, commands and individuals who are addressing solutions to capability gaps, advancing the state of the art, addressing weapon system integration, providing unique production capabilities or related supporting capabilities. Attention to “lessons learned”, operational capability and evolving impact of industrial base capability are of interest.  International participation is welcomed.  The division reserves the right to solicit papers on specific topics related to the forum theme and sub-themes.

Abstract submittals must identify which of the abstract categories applies:

  • 1. Forum Agenda Presentation
    • Small Arms Systems
    • Guns, Ammunition, Rockets, and Missiles (GARM)
    • Unconventional and Emerging Armament Systems (UEA)
    • Note; Armament Committee reserves the right to assign the abstract to a particular committee.
  • 2. Poster Session
  • 3. Special Distribution Level D or US Only
  • 4. Tutorial Session
  • 5. Supporting Briefing for Technology Demonstration.