Ground Robotics Champion

This individual is someone who has been instrumental in implementing the military use of ground robotic systems in combat operations.

  • Proponent for the integration of ground robotic systems into military operations.
  • Has been a strong advocate and spokesperson for the development of enabling
     technologies and broad applications of ground robotic systems.
  • The individual can come from the military, civil service, congress or outside the

Past Winners:
2020: MAJ Corey Wallace, USA 
2019: Col Thomas M. Nelson, USA
2018: James L. Overholt, PhD, ST
2017: Brian McVeigh
2016: Matthew Dooley
2015: James Russell
2014: Mark Mazzara
2012: Stu Hatfield
2011: Jeff Jaczkowski
2010: Ellen Purdy
2009: Tony Tether