Harry Diamond Fuzing Excellence Award



The Harry Diamond Fuzing Excellence Award recognizes the individual who, in the judgment of the Fuze Committee, has made the greatest overall contribution to the Fuze program during their lifetime.  The achievements, for which this award is considered, may relate to any of the many components that make up this highly diverse, complex, vital commodity, from R&D through demilitarization and disposal.

The award encompasses achievements during the nominee’s career and is presented to the winner at the annual NDIA Fuze Conference.  This competition is open to all individuals, regardless of grade or position, in the United States Fuze community.  All military personnel, government civilians, and contractor employees are eligible. 

All service munitions supervisors at Headquarters, munitions plants, depots, laboratories, and proving grounds, are asked to seriously consider the contributions of their best qualified subordinates for this prestigious award.


2019 Winner:
Philip T. Gorman, Jr., Booz Allen Hamilton 

Past Winners:
2018: Not Awarded
2017: Dr. Barry Neyer, Excelitas Technology 
2016: Not Awarded
2015: Chris Janow 
2014: Danny Hayles, Booz Allen Hamilton 
2013: No Conference 
2012: William Kurtz, L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems
2011: M. Preston Parker, Air Armament Center
2010: Not Awarded 
2009: Jack Waller, Naval Air Warfare Center
2008: Not Awarded 
2007: Max Cone, KDI Precision Products
2006: Dick Mabry