The purpose of the Fuze Section shall be to promote an open exchange of technical information among government and industry technical personnel, and to identify and address changes in standards, guidance, policy, and organizational functions that impact the development, production, and performance of fuzes.



  • Provide an effective forum that facilitates the exchange and discussion of technical and programmatic aspects of fuzes, fuzing systems, and related devices such as safety and arming (S&A) devices, sensors, etc.
  • Encourage and facilitate meaningful technical exchange between government, industry, academia and foreign partners with the common goal of advancing the state of the art for safety, reliability, and effectiveness
  • Support and participate in the process of updating standards and policies related to the design, production, and performance of fuzes

Topics: Arm Fire Devices, Fuze, Safety and Arming Devices, Warheads, Munitions Technology

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Ms. Reneé Despot
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Mr. Roy Streetz
Vice President, Energetic and Power Systems
Excelitas Technologies Corp.
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Policy Contact

For policy-related or congressional inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Wesley Hallman
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