Studies, reports, references and papers of interest to the Defense manufacturing base and the NDIA Manufacturing Division.

Solid State Battery Paper

Solid State Battery Paper
April 2021

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries based on the emerging solid-state technology offer higher capacities and lighter weights than the standard lithium-ion technologies in use today.  For the consumer this offers a significant increase in safety.  For the military, it means less weight required to meet mission requirements.  To avoid the mistakes of the past and to become a leader, rather than late adopter of this emerging technology, U.S. federal government needs to develop and implement, with adequate funding, a strategy by which this technology can become and be maintained as a domestic capability from its research and development phase through mass production


Cybersecurity Report

Implementing Cybersecurity in DoD Supply Chains
July 2018

Cybersecurity is not simply a corporate concern; it is a supply chain issue. This report explores how the United States Department of Defense supply chain has responded to the recent DFARS requirement. The results show that supply chain cybersecurity is critical but that the weakest link is the small to medium sized firm found in the upstream supply chain. Important recommendations are provided


NDIA White Paper

White Paper: Recovering the Domestic
Aerospace and Defense Industrial Base, April 2011

Amid today’s concerns about the health and viability of the U.S. defense industrial base, you may be surprised to learn that there are many capable U.S. manufacturers that simply choose not to work in the aerospace and defense industries.  This was one of the findings in a survey by the NDIA’s Manufacturing Division.

NDIA’s Manufacturing Division prepared this document to inform government leaders of the challenges we face in recovering the aerospace and defense industrial base. 


Cyber for Manufacturing Paper

White paper: Cybersecurity for Advanced
Manufacturing, May 5, 2014

DoD  and  industry  have  focused  much  effort  on  protecting  technical  information  in  business  and engineering  information  systems. Relatively  less  action  has  been  taken  to  improve  protection  of technical  data  in  factory  floor  networks  and  control  systems,  which  are  increasingly  subject  to  cyber threats.  Cybersecurity on the factory floor merits increased DoD and industry attention. NDIA’s Manufacturing Division and Cyber Division have jointly developed this White Paper to heighten awareness  of  the  emerging threats,  vulnerabilities  and  consequences  in  the Industrial  Control Systems used in  manufacturing. 


Navy Electronics Repair

OPNAV N4 Supply Chain Surety Workshop
May 25, 2017 - Tysons, VA
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