Division Member Spotlight

Gabriella Menoscal
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Current University of Central Florida Student

Growing up, I never thought I'd follow in my father's footsteps as a United States Marine. But this passage led me to a deeper calling: serving our nation. After my military service, I eagerly sought a career that would let me keep that mission alive, and that's when I found myself at the Spring 2023 NDIA IPMD meeting in Bethesda, MD – an event that would change my life. The catalyst for this quest was a simple yet profound question: could I make a real impact in earned value management? The breakthrough transpired when I learned just how vital Earned Value Management is for our national defense, especially in supporting our warfighters.

From the moment I stepped into that event, my doubts started to fade away. While I can't point to a single interaction, every conversation I indulged in had value to me. The industry leaders and experts I met weren't just willing to share their knowledge; they were eager to help shape my future. It was like they were illuminating the path I was embarking on, one that was once covered with uncertainty. The Fall 2023 NDIA IPMD meeting in Redwood City, CA, was a crucial milestone. It solidified my dedication to this dynamic field, especially when it comes to the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence in program management. However, the experience of being able to converse with these professional industry leaders, who were willing to lend their listening ears to help me navigate my own path, was incomparable.

As a junior at the University of Central Florida studying Integrated Business, these conferences empowered me with valuable tools for my studies and my future career, giving me a deeper appreciation for the challenges and opportunities within the industry. NDIA has been my guiding light, helping me focus on what truly matters – ensuring that when I graduate, I'll have more than just a degree; I'll graduate as a versatile professional. I'm eagerly looking forward to the upcoming NDIA IPMD meeting in Tucson, AZ, in March 2024. These gatherings aren't just for seasoned experts; they serve as a vital crucible for the next generation. As I look ahead, I'm filled with gratitude for the past, hope for the present, and confidence for the future. The NDIA community is not just a gathering of minds; it's a source of inspiration, a platform for ideas, and unwavering support as we strive for commitment to excellence in serving our nation.


Karlo Menoscal
Director of Project Controls, pmXperts, Inc.
Project Controls and Earned Value Management System SME

As Gabriella’s father and someone deeply involved in the aerospace and defense industry, it’s been an enriching experience to see her interest in Earned Value Management grow. Gabriella, who also served as a U.S. Marine, initially aimed to join a high-profile government agency. Her views shifted dramatically after attending an NDIA IPMD meeting with me in Bethesda, MD. She was struck by the critical role of EVM in national defense, especially its direct support for our warfighters.

Now a junior at the University of Central Florida, Gabriella is focusing on Integrated Business and plans to join our field upon her graduation in Spring 2025. The support and guidance she received from industry leaders at the NDIA IPMD events have been invaluable in shaping this decision.

We’re currently at the Fall 2023 NDIA IPMD meeting in Redwood City, CA, where the discussions on Artificial Intelligence’s impact on program management have captured her imagination. While I currently serve as the Director of Project Controls at pmXperts, this experience has highlighted for me how crucial these industry gatherings are—not just for current professionals but also for inspiring the next generation of EVM and project controls professionals.

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