Proceedings from recent CBDIAF meetings can be downloaded from this page.

CBDAIF Presentations - August 15, 2019

CBDAIF Meeting Minutes
JPEO CBRND Strategic Perspective - Dr. Jason Roos
Industry’s Experiences with Contracting (Demilitarization, Detection, Medical, Professional Services, and System Integration)
Other Transactions Update and Discussion - Mr. Jeff Megargel
Omnibus Contracts Update and Discussion - Mr. Al Burket

CBDAIF Presentations - January 29, 2016

CBDAIF Meeting Minutes
CBDAIF Intro Briefing
Detection Sector
Protection SectorReport - Mr. William Hesse
System Integration Sector Report - Ms. Joan Black
Information System Report - Mr. Michael Ricciardi
Services Sector Update - Mr. Bruce Phillips
Small Business Sector Report - Amie Hoeber
Consequence Management Report - Mr. Amit Kapoor
Demil and Non-Stockpile Report - Dr. Venkat Rao
Surety Sector Report - Dr. Mike MacNaughton
Medical Sector Report - Mr. John Wade
Information System Sector Reponses to Bryce Cloud Strategy - Mr. Michael Ricciardi
DTRA J9CB / JSTO - Dr. Ron Hann
C-WMD Scientists in Motion - DTRA Chemical & Biological Technologies J9-CBOE - LTC Barry McDowell, USA & LTC Mary Miller, USA
ECBC Update - Mr. Lowry Brooks
Industry Views on OTA’s - Mr. Tim Moshier

CBDAIF Presentations - September 23, 2015

CBDAIF Meeting Minutes
CBDAIF Intro Briefing
CBDAIF Industry Input
30 Year Plan - Industry Feedback
JE-RDAP Contract - Status Update
Competitive Acquisitions: Broad Agency Announcements & Service Calls
Partnering through Direct Sales
CBDAIF Public Private Partnership Industry Perspective

CBDAIF Presentations - May 7, 2015

CBDAIF Final Meeting Minutes
CBDAIF Meeting Agenda
Chemical and Biological Defense Program: Charting Our Course into the Future - 30 Year Planning Process
Chemical and Biological Defense Program: Core Capability Area Roadmaps
Joint Enterprise: Research, Development, Acquisition, and Procurement (JE-RDAP) Overview
JE RDAP Solicitation Comments


Chemical Biological Defense Acquisition Initiatives Forum