Focus Areas

Armament Systems Forum Objectives

The dynamic changes in international geopolitical, military, and economic landscape, together with ready availability of technologies to adversaries, requires that the US and Allies develop armament systems and technology to defeat of the evolving threat spectrum.  The Forum objectives include providing presentations on

  • technologies for modernization
  • integrated armament systems that improve lethality
  • improvements to legacy systems that increase availability and effectiveness
  • sustainability and readiness factors such as logistics, maintenance, and training
  • manufacturing technologies and impacts on system capabilities

Focus Areas

Armament Modernization, Readiness, Threat Response Overmatch
This involves developing adaptable, flexible, and modular systems/capabilities by leveraging conventional legacy systems using precision capability, advances in man-machine interface, autonomous systems, robotics, artificial intelligence, hypervelocity, and extended range.  The topic also includes linking next generation weapons (laser, directed energy, EM, etc.) for operational advantages, achieving these capabilities through advances in warheads, ballistics, warheads, fuzing, materials, propulsion, and manufacturing methods. In addition, establishing armament systems responsive to the emerging threats will require advances in logistics and application of innovative training resources.  

Armament Systems Initiatives of the US Army, USAF, U.S. Navy, USMC, and DARPA
Presentations specific to the Services are encouraged.  Enabling evolution of Armament Systems with the capability for flexibility and adaptability for the expanding threat spectrum will require advances in land, sea, and air armament resources.  Including Armament System Initiatives established by each service will be an objective.

Armament System Categories:
The NDIA Armament Division Scope of Topic includes but is not limited to Armaments System Categories and related technologies listed below:

  • Individual and Crew Served Weapon and Armament Systems
  • Cannon Caliber Armament Systems
  • Artillery and Mortar System
  • Tank Armament Systems
  • Shoulder Fired Systems
  • Tactical Missiles
  • Tactical Rockets
  • Armament Systems Integrated on Platforms (Land, Sea, Air) (Manned and Unmanned)
  • Non-Lethal Armaments
  • Hypersonic Systems
  • EM Armament Systems
  • Directed Energy Systems
  • Enabling and Integration Systems

Attention to Legacy System Status and Evolution Ensuring Evolving Enhancements and Readiness
Legacy systems continue to evolve as the core of readiness as new capabilities are maturing. Presentations addressing the status and evolving capability with attention advanced manufacturing approaches remain a priority,

Platform Integration (Land, Sea, Air) (Manned and Autonomous)
DOD modernization thrusts recognize that advancement in force capability requires concurrent integration of platforms and armament system designs and technology.  The on-going current DOD modernization thrusts seek to establish families of platforms with capability for armament system variants. Platforms for land, sea, air (fixed wing) and vertical lift (helicopters) are evolving with attention to armament integration. Establishing both manned and unmanned(autonomous) systems is a focus. Topics which address platform configurations with attention to armament system integration technologies and factors are desired.

Armament System Manufacturing

Achieving modernization  will require applying advanced manufacturing technology and resources as new technologies and capabilities mature. Integration of Product Development with establish manufacturing capability for affordable and adaptable process is required for product performance, quality, affordability, and readiness. Topics related to efficient manufacturing capability such as automation, AI, and additive manufacturing are desired.

Armament System Logistics and Maintenance
Logistics and Maintenance are critical to the application of Armament Systems. The Armament Forum seeks to include discussion of these topics as related to all Armament Systems to ensure operational readiness and reliability.

Armament System Training Systems
The evolving threat spectrum together with the introduction of new technology and systems as well as operational flexibility demand that training equipment, systems and techniques are expanded to meet warfighter proficiency objectives. Topics regarding training hardware and techniques are desired. Effective training must be a core focus of DOD capability evolution.

Armament System Capability Readiness
Ensuring Military Capability Readiness with capability for new technologies and systems is central to the DOD Modernization objectives. Topics addressing DOD Organic and Industrial Base resources and adaptability to changes in systems are desired.


The Armament System Communities of the US and Allied Nations have demonstrated and confirmed the benefits realized by focus on interoperability as established by STANAG Agreements and Technology and System Transfer. The Armament Division seeks presentations from Allied Nations addressing evolving systems, capability, and challenges to ensure modernization and readiness. Presentations addressing NIAG Studies in process, recently completed or planned are desired topics.

The Armament Division encourages and welcomes technical presentations addressing observations of the challenges related to the threat spectrum, current and evolving Armament Systems, technology, addressing system and platform integration, enabling training, and manufacturing. Focus on Armament System Integration with operational approach with platforms is a priority. Industrial Base Readiness addressing modernization is desired. Participation from government and industry in the U.S. and Allied Nations is welcomed.