NDIA Mission Statement:

NDIA engages thoughtful and innovative leaders to advance and support the best policies, practices, products and technology that will ensure the safety and security of our nation.

  • Champion issues that contribute to the strength, resiliency and capacity of the industrial base
  • Build a vigorous, responsive and collaborative community in support of Defense and National Security
  • Convene legal and ethical forums for exchange of ideas, information, view points and capabilities


What We Do

  • NDIA promotes awareness and educates the private and public sectors on issues related to national security.


  • NDIA convenes global, national and community stakeholders to identify challenges, incubate ideas and present meaningful and effective solutions to support a strong and innovative national defense for our country and allies.


  • NDIA encourages research and development, and routinely facilitates analyses on the complex challenges and evolving threats to our national security through intimate discussions between subject matter experts and large-scale events that bring new and innovative thought-leaders to the table.


  • NDIA continually engages industry and government stakeholders to encourage mutual understanding to support a functional and efficient national defense.


  • NDIA believes in investing in the professional growth of personnel and provides professional development courses to encourage improved management throughout industry and government. It also commemorates individuals, companies and government agencies for meritorious acts and contributions to our nation.


  • NDIA advocates for the development, production and support of the best systems, materials, and weapons for the defense of the United States of America, its allies and partners.


Where We Are Going

  • NDIA will continue to convene the most thoughtful and innovative leaders to advance and advocate for best practices, initiatives, and products in defense, and to ensure the safety and security of our nation, its allies and partners.


  • As NDIA looks to the next 100 years, NDIA will continue to make sure all perspectives and ideas – including those that have not traditionally participated in the defense of our nation – are represented so we remain a forward-thinking and innovative organization that evolves with changing times.