Security Clearance Information

The following procedures are provided for attendees already registered for the 2023 Space Warfighter Forum (SWF) session on Friday, 18 August, 2023.  

Once you register for the Friday portion of the event, you will be emailed instructions on how to submit your clearance. 

Deadline to submit your clearance information is Monday, August 14, 2023. 


NOTE: Due to capacities at the classified venue, attendees who 1) have registered for SWF 2022 and 2) have submitted their clearances will be admitted first to the  sessions. Once venue capacities have been reached, a waitlist will be formed. If you are waitlisted for the sessions, you will be notified when you are moved OFF the waitlist. If you are waitlisted for the sessions, you still must pass your clearance by August 14,2023 so if a spot opens, NDIA can immediately confirm your eligibility.