Visit Authorization Request & Base Access Information

Closed Sessions March 8 - 9, 2023  |  Marine Corps Base Hawaii

As of February 14, the Closed Session venue has reached capacity and registration for these sessions is no longer available. 

All requested clearance information must be submitted in full by February 6, 2023. If cleared to attend, the Closed Sessions are only available to pre-registered, in-person, full conference attendees of POST 2023. Security Manager(s) from the POST Planning Committee will contact registrants (after the February 6, 2023 deadline) to confirm if cleared to attend. If you have any questions regarding your clearance, please contact or 808-477-9167. 

For U.S. Attendees:

Please have your Security Manager submit a Visit Access Request (VAR) via DISS. VAR information is as follows. 

**To receive a confirmation email, Sender must leave the following under Contact Notes in DISS: 
  -  Contact Email
Contact Phone Number

If you don’t provide your contact email and phone number, we won’t be able to register you for the closed session in the event of a clearance issue.

DISS SMO Code: POST Conference-POST Conference-387

Any questions/concerns please email:

For U.S. attendees who are unable to submit a VAR in DISS and who wish to attend the closed sessions, please utilize this secondary method:

On a Company Letterhead (Command Letter Head) must provide the following info:

  • Name of Individual (Last, first, middle)
  • Date of Attendance
  • Last Four SSN
  • Grade/Rank (Title)
  • Type of Clearance (i.e. SECRET)
  • Date of Clearance 
  • Date of Investigation
  • Date of Investigation Type
  • Clearance Granted By:
  • Name of SSO/Sec. Manager with POC  (must provide valid email and phone number).

**If any information is missing, the request will be denied. NOTE:  The Command/Company Letter head must be digitally signed with a DoD CAC card and submitted encrypted to email address:

If U.S. person does not have a DoD CAC card, please submit official letterhead through DoD Safe and send a separate email with the passphrase the originator created to allow the receiver to download the form.

For International Attendees:

*For Non-U.S. Attendees, you must provide the following information to complete your embassy's foreign visit request forms:*  

Purpose: Attend the USINDOPACOM 2023 Pacific Operational Science & Technology (POST) Conference at Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH). 

  • Reason for Visit: POST Conference FY23 
  • Dates: March 6 - 9, 2023
  • Physical Address: Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay Base Theater, 5th Street, Building 219, Kailua, HI  96734
  • Security POC: Diana SanInocencio at
  • Conference POC: Dr. James Etherton at

Base Access

If you drive to Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) please bring your CAC or military ID or the guards will be required to go through the full vetting process that will delay entry.

We will also be providing bus transportation from the Sheraton to MCBH, and back. If you require bus transportation, please be sure to select this option when you are registering online.


  1. Security Clearance can only be confirmed by the attendee’s social security number and full name. Clearances must be obtained prior to riding the bus or arriving at MCBH.
  2. Each attendee must present a valid, government-issued photo identification to gain admittance to the conference.
  3. Briefcases, recorders, cameras, or electronic devices of any kind will not be allowed in the closed session rooms.  Handbags/purses may not be larger than 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches. Bags smaller than that are subject to inspection.
  4. Conference badges must be worn at all times during the closed session.