Posters & Abstracts

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and U.S. Indo-Pacific Command welcome your abstract submission for poster presentation at the 2023 Pacific Operational Science & Technology (POST) Conference. The conference examines the theme: Seizing the Initiative via Superior Innovation and Collaborative Partnerships.

Practitioners and academics, Program Managers, and S&T leaders are invited to submit brief, high-impact abstracts of technical accomplishments and research-based recommendations relevant to the theme and presentation topics outlined below.

Deadline for submissions: November 18, 2022

Abstract Requirements 

Abstracts must be unclassified and cleared for public release and fall into one of the following topic focus areas: 

  • Biotechnology
  • Quantum Science 
  • Future Generation Wireless Technology (FutureG) 
  • Advanced Materials 
  • Trusted AI and Autonomy 
  • Integrated Network Systems-of-Systems 
  • Microelectronics 
  • Space Technology 
  • Renewable Energy Generation and Storage 
  • Advanced Computing and Software 
  • Human-Machine Interface 
  • Directed Energy 
  • Hypersonics
  • Integrated Sensing and Cyber 

How to Submit:

Upload abstracts

An automated confirmation will be sent upon submission. Notifications will be sent electronically in early December 2022. 

Please note: Submitting an abstract is a professional commitment. If the abstract is accepted, the Author commits to attend the event in-person. If an Author is unable to attend the conference, then it is incumbent upon him or her to find a substitute. Authors are responsible for obtaining appropriate public release for their presentations. 


Contact Carizza Gutierrez and George Webster at with questions about your abstract submission.