Security Clearance Information

All requested clearance information must be submitted in full by October 13, 2023. If cleared to attend, the Seminar is only available to pre-registered, in-person, conference attendees of the 2023 Expeditionary Warfare Seminar. If you have any questions regarding your clearance, please contact CNA Global Safety and Security (GSS) at

For U.S. Attendees:

Please have your Security Manager submit a Visit Access Request (VAR) via DISS. VAR information is as follows. 

**To receive a confirmation email, Sender must leave the following under Contact Notes in DISS: 
  -  Contact Email
  -  Contact Phone Number

DISS SMO Code: 9B9724

  • Reason for visit:  2023 Expeditionary Warfare Seminar
  • Dates:  November 1, 2023
  • Access Required:  Secret
  • SMO Code Security POC: CNA Global Safety and Security at or 703-824-2139
  • Fax Number: 703-824-2009 ( If you do not have access to send to the SMO Code)
  • Conference POC: Kimberly Williams at 

For U.S. attendees who are unable to submit a VAR in DISS and who wish to attend the closed sessions, please utilize this secondary method:

On a Company Letterhead (Command Letter Head) must provide the following info:

  • Name of Individual (Last, first, middle)
  • Date of Attendance
  • Last Four SSN
  • Grade/Rank (Title)
  • Type of Clearance (i.e. SECRET)
  • Date of Clearance 
  • Date of Investigation
  • Date of Investigation Type
  • Clearance Granted By:
  • Name of SSO/Sec. Manager with POC  (must provide valid email and phone number).

**If any information is missing, the request will be denied. NOTE:  The Command/Company Letter head must be digitally signed with a DoD CAC card and submitted encrypted to email address: CNA Global Safety and Security (GSS) at

If U.S. person does not have a DoD CAC card, please submit official letterhead through DoD Safe and send a separate email with the passphrase the originator created to allow the receiver to download the form.