Agenda at a Glance

The below topics are topics attendees can expect to be covered over the 2 day course. 

DAY 1 – September 27, 2022

  • Understanding the 12 Core Competencies of Business Development
  • Explore the Concepts of Self-Identity and Role-Identity
  • How to Differentiate between Goal and Purpose in Professional Business Development
  • Reinforce the Importance of Leadership, Integrity, and Character in Business Development
  • Learn the basics of Behavioral Psychology & Why People Buy
  • Identifying & Overcoming Process vs. Psychological Limitations in the Role of BD
  • Overview of a Proactive MBDi Business Development Process
  • Understanding the components of a proactive Government Services BD Model
  • Introduction to the Early Shaping Opportunity Identification & Qualification (OI&Q)I Phase
  • The Importance of  Tracking Opportunities and HUMINTâ Intel Sources

HELP or QUESTIONS about the Curriculum?  Contact Carla Caputo (704) 553-0000 or

DAY 2 – September 28, 2022

  • Introduction to the 4 Phases of the HUMINTâ Client Engagement Process (CEP)
  • Learn the Critical Dialogue Skills Necessary for Effective, Confident & Successful Conversation with the Client
  • How to Evaluate an Opportunity - Importance of Documenting an Intel Gathering & Call Plan
  • The Value of Preparing for a Call (Practice, Drill & Rehearse) - How to make the Initial Contact & Take Control in Scheduling Appointments
  • How to Execute a Call that Establishes Trust & Respect in the Relationship
  • Learn the Critical Skills for Conducting a Diagnostic Interview (Listening, Questioning & Scripts)
  • Significance of Listening, Socratic Questioning, Reversing, Negative Reversing & Note Taking
  • The Importance of  Avoiding Premature, Unfocused and  Unwarranted Presentations
  • How to Shape Budget Considerations and Opportunities based on Intel Gathered
  • Documenting the Call - How to Use the Intel Gathered to make Informed Business Decisions

HELP or QUESTIONS about the Curriculum?  Contact Carla Caputo (704) 553-0000 or