Trust & Assurance Workshop

The workshop will be focused on evaluation of mitigations to threats, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities across the lifecycle of microelectronics, from design, through fabrication, packaging & test, distribution, integration, maintenance, to disposal, in an effort to build an assurance case. This information will be organized based on criticality associated with the end-application (if known, or assumptions if not known).  The evaluation will also address risk based on the lifecycle stage. Risk factors will include supplier risks, component risks, and application risks (if known). Information could be categorized based on public vs. private data.

The expected output would be a matrix/spreadsheet of information that could/should be collected to provide Trust and Assurance that will be utilized in support of the SAE G-32 HwA Subcommittee standard. The output could also be used to further support Quantified Assurance metrics once the matrix/spreadsheet is complete.

Breakout group topics include: Design, Mask & Fabrication, Assembly & Packing, and Distribution, Integration, Maintenance/Repair.

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Fee Type Trust & Assurance Workshop (8/31 - 9/1)
Industry Member $150
Industry Non-Member $180
Government $100
Academia $150
Small Business $110
U.S Active Duty Comp