Young Bang

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics & Technology)
Integrated Precision Warfare Review (IPWR-22)
Mr. Young Bang was appointed as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics & Technology) on 8 March 2022. As the Principal Deputy, Mr. Bang advises the Assistant Secretary for Acquisition, Logistics & Technology and Army leadership on all matters relating to Army acquisition.
Prior to joining ASA(ALT), Mr. Bang served as the Chief Growth Officer at Atlas Research where he used his broad knowledge of the Federal market to guide the firm’s growth in existing, adjacent, and new markets/capabilities. His extensive experience in business positioned Atlas Research for growth and scale with an exit event through a M&A in 2021. Previously, Mr. Bang was a Partner and Senior Vice President who focused on Cutting Edge Technology (Quantum, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, AR/VR/MR/XR etc) and Digital Transformation (Modern Software Development, Big Data, Cloud, IoT) to drive growth across multiple markets from Army, Navy, Air Force, Joint, Intelligence, Health (Federal and Commercial), DHS, DoJ, DoT and DoS. Prior to that, Mr. Bang worked as a Solution Architect at KPMG Consulting. Prior to 2001, Mr. Bang worked in Product Development in the Telecom Industry (hardware and software) and startups during the dotcom period. Prior to that Mr. Bang served in the Army in various leadership positions across Ft Bragg, Korea and Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

• 2018-2021, Chief Growth Officer, Atlas Research
• 2002-2018, Partner & Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton
• 2001-2002, Solution Architect, KPMG Consulting
• 1999-2001, Sr. Product Development Project Manager, MCI WorldCom
• 1998-1999, Senior Manager, Product Development/Pilot Operations/Manufacturing, Ciena
• 1993-1998, Captain, US Army, Various Positions

• BS, Leadership and Systems Engineering, U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York, 1993