Security Clearance Information

On Thursday, April 28 (Conference Day 3), the 22nd Annual Science & Engineering Technology Conference will feature a classified session, held at The United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) Conference Center of the Americas (CCA) building. This session is classified as Secret U.S. Level; you must be a U.S. Citizen holding a secret clearance or higher. 


We have reached capacity limitation for this session and registration is now closed. 


Buses will be provided to transport attendees between the host hotel and USSOUTHCOM.

April 28, 7:00 am    Buses depart hotel
April 28, 4:00 pm Buses return from USSOUTHCOM

Submission Deadlines

All visitors must have their security office certify their security clearance via one of the accepted methods.

DEADLINE: All visits must be submitted no later than Friday, April 15, 2022 – no exceptions.

Form DD 3150

All registrants of the optional Classified Day Session MUST complete Form DD 3150. Please download and complete this document and bring with you to U.S. Southern Command.

DD 3150 Form

Non-CAC Card Holders

If you do not have a CAC Card (or Dependent ID), you will need to complete Part 1 of the HSPD-12 form and submit with two (2) forms of ID (listed in section 7). Completed forms* can be sent to Ms. Rosa Perez at the Visitor Control Center, rosa.l.perez-schupp.civ@mail.mi.

*For signature in Box 13, please contact Sarah Hernandez ( or LTC Ruddie Ibanez (

HSPD-12 Form

Please remember to encrypt your email submission to protect PII on your form.

Accepted Visit Certification Methods via DISS

Visit certifications can be sent via the Defense Information System for Security (DISS) to SMO Code W096AA2 (WHISKEY ZERO NINE SIX ALPHA ALPHA TWO) for collateral and SCI access. The visitor's DISS personnel summary must have an owning or servicing relationship from the organization sending the visit certification, have up to date data, contain all accesses.

Non-DISS Access

If your organization does not have DISS access, visit certifications can be faxed, emailed, RMT messaging system, or SAFE. Visit certification sent via fax and email must be signed by the visitor’s security office. Security certifications sent via those alternate channels must contain the following information:

  • Personnel Identifying Information (Name, SSN, Rank/Service, DOB, POB, Citizenship)
  • Organization of Assignment
  • Clearance Information (Type of Investigation and Closed Date, Clearance Level and Accesses, Eligibility Date and Granting Agency)
  • Date and Purpose of Visit
    • Date: Thursday, April 28, 2022
    • Purpose: Attendance at the Science & Engineering Conference
  • USSOUTHCOM POC (Name and Phone Number)
    • Sarah Hernandez: 305-437-0653


Fax Numbers: Comm: (305) 437-2909 (Non-SCI access) Comm: (305) 437-2911 (SCI access)

E-Mail: (Unclass)



If the investigation is out of date (over 10 years for SECRET or over 7 years for TOP SECRET), include the date the Periodic Reinvestigation date that was submitted. If the visitor’s investigation is out-of-scope, a periodic reinvestigation has been submitted, but the individual is enrolled in the continuous evaluation program (CEP), please state so. If not the visitor will be evaluated under the CEP on a case by case basis.

USSOUTHCOM has badge reciprocity agreements with ARSOUTH, NAVSOUTH, SOCSOUTH AND JTF-GTMO. Members of these organizations do not need to submit visit certifications; they may exchange their organization’s (non-visitor) security badge for a USSOUTHCOM security badge
upon arrival. Certifications MUST always be submitted for CONTRACTORS or personnel who do not bring their organization’s security picture badge.

Please contact the USSOUTHCOM Security Services Center to coordinate and verify receipt of clearance and access certifications at DSN 567-2033 or commercial (305) 437-2033.

For further inquiries, feel free to contact Personnel Security at (305) 437-2032.

Prohibited Items
Attendees will not be allowed to take briefcases, bags, electronic devices, or other personal property into auditoriums excluding woman’s handbags; however, handbags will be inspected upon entry into all sessions. An electronic device is defined to include cell phones, two-way radios, AM/FM radios, personal digital assistants (PDAs) such as tablets, palm pilots, Fitbits, Smart Watches, and blackberries; laptop computers; cameras; video/audio recording equipment, pagers, or any other transmitting device.