Donna Holden

Earned Value Management Center
Deputy Director
Spring 2022 Integrated Program Management (IPM) Division Meeting
In 2018, Donna joined the EVMS Center as the Deputy Director and became the Director in 2020. Her previous assignment was Black Belt co-lead for the Agency Anti-Deficiency Act Corrective Action Plan.  After leading a multi-functional team from 10 Agency divisions through a 16-week project, her corrective action implementation plan was reported to the Agency director and accepted within one week.

Donna Holden joined the Portfolio Management and Business Integration (PM&BI) Division in March 2017, having just returned from four years supporting DCMAI-UK in Bristol England. As part of the PM&BI team, Ms. Holden was responsible for keeping the Agency Strategic Plan Goal 1 current, updated, and correct to support Management Council and senior level reporting.  She also supports the Integrating Capability Board working groups participating in the Primary Capabilities meetings, exercises, and events, and advising the WGs of possible improvements, interactions, and deadline requirements. 

In 2013, Ms. Holden joined DCMA International Directorate moving her husband, dog Daisy, and herself to Bristol England as an EVMS Specialist.  Her EVMS responsibility in Bristol covered all of UK for contracts requiring the EVMS surveillance.  Major contractors included Rolls-Royce PLC, the subcontractor to Pratt & Whitney in Hartford CT on the F-135 engine and BAE Systems, Samlesbury, the subcontractor to Lockheed Martin Aerospace in Ft. Worth, Texas on the F35 air frame.

In August 2006, Ms. Holden moved to the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA).  Ms. Holden is currently the Training Policy & Process lead for the DCMA EVM Center.  Her duties include documentation and standardization of DCMA EVM processes, procedures, and training aligned with the standardization thereof.  Ms. Holden is the force behind the DCMA EVMS Specialist Certification Program (ESCP).  The ESCP is a career development program guiding the DCMA EVMS Specialist through the early learning to advanced stages of EVM(S) through a series of formal training provided by DAU and DCMA, specific work experience requirements, and internal and external learning cooperative engagements following a structured, progressive Entry, Journey, Expert level hierarchy. In this capacity, Ms. Holden supported such programs as V-22, ARH, VH-71, E-2C, C-130 AMP, SBIRS, AEHF, DDG-1000, F-18, F-22, F-16, FCS, and other programs assessing EVMS compliance. 

In 2000 Ms. Holden joined the Cost Engineering Department (AIR-4.2) of NAVAIR as part of the Earned Value Management division.  Ms. Holden was the Earned Value Management and Schedule analyst for several programs on the E-2C(D) programs including CEC, MCU, and the Advance Hawkeye Block D upgrade.  Ms. Holden was also the EVM analyst on the V-22, Marine Variant program.  After transitioning to the Scheduling Subject Matter Expert (SME) position at AIR-4.2., Ms. Holden co-developed, authored, and implemented the Schedule Risk Assessment (SRA) process currently in use at NAVAIR.  Over the course of her tenure with the Navy, Ms Holden performed numerous SRAs on ACAT1 programs at the Department of Defense (DoD) industry leaders such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop-Grumman, Sikorsky, Bell Helicopters, and Rockwell-Collins.While at NAVAIR, Ms. Holden supported the VH-71 program, H-60, H-43, DDG1000, T-45,P-8 (MMA), AV-8, EA-18G, F-35 (JSF), F-22, and various supplies and UAV programs. 

Donna Holden began her Government career supporting the Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB as a Procurement Analyst and SAIC as a technical writer before relocating to southern Maryland.  Ms. Holden was the software configuration manager for two software programs supporting the E-2C program office, the Cooperative Engagement Capabilities (CEC) and the Mission Computer Upgrade (MCU) for J.F. Taylor, Inc.  On the civilian side, Ms. Holden began working for the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) in 1996 as the Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) manager and Production Contracts specialist writing Procurement Initiation Documents for the T-45 Program Office.