Sreenivas Ramaswamy

US Department of Commerce
Senior Policy Advisor
Electronics Winter Division Virtual Meeting : Keynote Speaker

Sree is a senior policy advisor to the US Secretary of Commerce. His expertise is in the areas of technology strategy, industrial competitiveness and supply chain resiliency, and the impact of business activity on the economy and society.

Sree was formerly a Partner at the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the non-profit business and economics research arm of McKinsey & Company. For the past decade Sree has led research on the evolution of global competition among companies and its impact on American competitiveness, with a focus on firms and workers in the US high-tech and manufacturing sectors. His recent work focuses on the opportunities and barriers to revitalize American manufacturing; the rise of “superstar” firms and cities and their implications for inequality and growth; and the changing role of companies in the economy and effects on households in the United States and other advanced economies.

In his role at MGI Sree brought facts and insights to inform decision-making in government and the private sector. Over the past decade such briefings have included senior leaders in the White House, Congress, federal agencies, and state and local governments; multilateral and international bodies such as the World Bank; C-suites and corporate boards of Fortune 500 companies ranging from technology companies to large banks and industrial giants; and media and academia. His published work is freely available to the public and is frequently cited in the Economist, Fortune, Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, and Wall Street Journal.

Prior to joining McKinsey in 2008, Sree spent nearly a decade in the US aerospace and telecom sectors with roles in engineering and regulatory affairs. He holds three patents, an MBA, and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in computer engineering and telecommunications.