Picture of Meredith Labeau sitting in front of blue background

Dr. Meredith LaBeau

Calumet Electronics Corporation
Chief Technology Officer
February Manufacturing Virtual Division Meeting : Small Business Briefing

Meredith Ballard LaBeau is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and on the strategic leadership team at Calumet Electronics, a leader in manufacturing high-performance printed circuit boards (PCBs) for industrial, medical, commercial, aerospace and defense applications. At Calumet Electronics, Meredith leads and manages technical engineering and research and development for process engineering and new product lines. She also is a member of two international standards committees: IPC and the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP), an IPC Thought-Leader and plays a critical role in developing future standards and PCB manufacturing quality and criteria for aerospace, medical, defense and space applications.

She holds a PhD from Michigan Technological University in Environmental Engineering focusing on the integrated assessment of anthropogenic, climate and policy induced changes on phosphorus export in the United States Laurentian Great Lakes watersheds. Meredith’s additional education credentials includes a masters’ degree from Michigan Technological University in environmental engineering for the performance and systems analysis of wastewater treatment systems and potable water in rural Bolivia. This research was conducted in three rural towns of Bolivia over a three-month immersive period. During her academic career, Meredith earned awards for S-STEM research, integrative graduate education and research traineeship, international sustainable development, 1st runner-up for best student paper at the International Association of Great Lakes Research and a summer Vespucci institute scholar. She currently holds 5 publications focused on watershed research, phosphorus and the Great Lakes. Prior to the advanced degrees, Meredith completed a bachelors’ degrees in biomedical engineering, also from Michigan Technological University.