Impacts of (Zero) Trust in DoD Microelectronics to Commercial Industry

Electronics Division Electronics
  • 9/9/2021 - 9/10/2021
  • Event Type : Webinar
    Event Code : 187M


Join the NDIA Electronics Division  virtually to unfold the electronic foundation of global connectivity, supply-networks, and the impacts of (zero) trust to both economic and national security considerations in the digital era. This is a workshop to get updates on the latest version of the 5200.xx manual and standards and give feedback directly to the government team.

NOTE: This event is closed to press/media and will not be recorded.


Kimberly Williams
(703) 247-2578

Ms. Britt Sullivan CMP
(703) 247-2587

Ms. Britt Sullivan CMP
(703) 247-2587

Impacts of (Zero) Trust in DOD Microelectronics to Commercial Industry