Bradley Weatherby

Office of Physical Security, Security and Counterintelligence
Deputy Chief
2021 Joint NDIA/AIA Industrial Security Summer Webinar

CURRENT POSITION: Mr. Weatherby is the Chief, Office of Physical Security within the Security and Counterintelligence (S&CI) Directorate, National Security Agency. He leads a 1,200 strong workforce comprised of DoD civilians, Military and contractors. He is: NSA’s ATFP Program Manager, Executive Agent for field security, Accrediting Official (AO) for NSA Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities and NSA’s National Industrial Security Program Manager.

EDUCATION: Mr. Weatherby is a 1988 graduate of the University of Akron, Ohio and has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and an Associate degree in Criminal Justice. Mr. Weatherby graduated of the Joint NSA/CIA Special Agent Academy in 1994 and is a 1989 Top-of-Class Honor Graduate from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Police Academy) in Glenco, GA.

PRIOR POSITIONS: Mr. Weatherby began his NSA career at the tail end of the cold war and spent the past 31 years gaining leadership experience in each of the five Offices within S&CI. During this time, he undertook many challenging assignments including 13 years overseas as a Chief of Staff and Chief of Security for several field sites in Asia. He also served three years on a Joint Duty Assignment as the Deputy Chief, U.S. Cyber Command J2X (HUMINT & CI), Chair of the Director of National Intelligence’s National Cyber-CI Working Group, participated on NSA’s Mission Data Information Governance Steering Committee and was the S&CI lead to the Defensive Measures Enterprise Functional Team (DM-EFT).

Mr. Weatherby is a credentialed Special Agent, a certified Computer Forensic Examiner and a 20-year Adjunct Faculty Member teaching Principles of Classification and Information Security. He is a recipient of numerous honors to include the Meritorious Civilian Service award on 22 July 2005.

PERSONAL: Mr. Weatherby is married with three children. He resides in Baltimore County, Maryland, where he enjoys spending time with his family and researching/preserving cold war era Civil Defense artifacts.