Industry Awardee

O'Gara-Hess, Eisenhardt Armoring Company, LLC
Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Webinar

In Recognition of Outstanding Service


9th Annual Red Ball Express Award

is awarded to

O’Gara-Hess, Eisenhardt      Armoring Company, LLC


O’Gara-Hess, Eisenhardt Armoring Company, LLC is the recipient of the 2021 Red Ball Express Award.  They enjoy a long and proud tradition of support to our Nation’s warfighters through a myriad of ground tactical vehicle projects and programs. These armoring programs have a lineage that dates to the 1940’s.  Over the years the company has changed ownership and it’s name, but the dedication to world class armored solutions remained the mission focus.  In 1992, O’Gara Armoring Company provided 60 M109 HMMWV into Somalia.  Followed this contract with an additional 390 armored HMMWVs.   These successes gained them recognition by US Army TACOM who invited them to be part of the Future Tactical Truck System development team.  For the next several years O’Gara Armoring Company had successes in developing the HaRD kit packages for retrofit onto existing unarmored HMMWV variants,  armor solution packages for the US Army and USMC M1114, the USAF M1116 up-armored HMMWV’s, enhancements to the turret and weapons mounting station, the gunner seat/sling and air-conditioning for troop safety. O’Gara Armoring Company also became vertically integrated as they developed transparent armor solutions for both curved glass as well as flat glass for military vehicle application. O’Gara Armoring Company’s exceptional professionalism and selfless devotion to duty reflected credit upon them and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Red Ball Express Award and the Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Community.