Below are the poster presentations that will be available to view in an on-demand format during and after the 2021 Human System Digital Experience:

Personalized Assessment, Education & Training

  • Training Cognitive Overmatch through Esports 
     Allison Brager, PhD, Director, Human Performance, U.S. Army Recruiting Command

Protection, Sustainment, and Warfighter Performance

  • Mission Task Analysis Tool (MTAT): Preparing to Fight a New Mission
    Lisa Bolin, Program Manager, SimVentions

    Secondary Authors: Matthew Wilson and Cory Cheek

Systems Interface & Cognitive Processing

  • Task-Centered Approaches to Human Interface Design
    Michael Cowen, PhD, Technical Director, Monterey Technologies, Inc.

  • Empowering Knowledge Transition Through AR Based Complex Troubleshooting
    Lori Mullen, Senior Business Analyst, Design Interactive, Inc.

  • Selecting Best in Breed HMI Components for MUM-T 
    Blake Piper, Research Scientist, Leidos

  • Assessing Interface Readiness Using Model-Based Systems Engineering
    Michael Miller, PhD, Professor, Air Force Institute of Technology

  • The Science of Understanding
    Leslie Blaha, PhD, Senior Research Psychologist, Warfighter Interactions & Readiness Division, 711th Human Performance Wing, Air Force Research Lab

  • Implementing Decision-Centric Warfare
    Brian Clark, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Advocacy & Metrics

  • Human Readiness Levels: Ensuring Systems are “Ready” for Human Users 
    Benjamin Schwartz, Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman

    Secondary Author:
    Holly Handley, PhD