2021 Human Systems Digital Experience

Human Systems
  • 3/2/2021 - 3/30/2021 11:00 am - 2:00 pm EST
  • Theme : Maximizing Human Readiness
    Event Type : Webinar, Webinar
    Event Code : 1350


This digital experience is like no other—in format, scheduling, or concept. In fact, the NDIA Human Systems Division meticulously planned the 2021 Human Systems Digital Experience to be more flexible, engaging, and productive than ever before. Rather than being held over the course of a few consecutive days, this digital experience will feature a part-day webinar on every Tuesday in March 2021 for a total of five webinars. Each webinar will focus on a specific community of interest related to Maximizing Human Readiness throughout the U.S. military and national security enterprise by leveraging operational readiness and emerging capabilities.

Webinar Topics

March 2: COI Panel on Strategic Directions and Opportunities
March 9: Personalized Assessment, Education, and Training
March 16: Protection, Sustainment, and Warfighter Performance
March 23: Systems Interface and Cognitive Processing
March 30: Advocacy and Metrics

The virtual and unclassified format of this unique event allows for greater participation from industry, government, and academia, as well as the ability to cover more material and ask more questions. With representation ranging from active duty servicemembers to Senior Executive Service civilians, this digital experience is sure to connect the right people at the right time to address the best ways to prepare the human for any operational environment. Together, we will collaborate to identify and ultimately mitigate key challenge areas for Human Systems, including those that relate to:

  • Measuring and assessing human readiness
  • Human readiness representation in concepts and systems engineering
  • Defining human readiness requirements in context of a system within a system
  • Human behavior representation in Modeling & Simulation at the individual and team-of-team levels
  • Science & Technology enablers for maximizing human readiness
  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence on human readiness
  • Role of talent management in human readiness

Your complete registration will gain you access to not only all five of the live webinars but also the accompanying pre-recorded poster sessions.

Platforms and Login Credentials

GoToWebinar: We will be utilizing GoToWebinar for the majority of this digital experience. You will receive an email from customercare@gotowebinar.com with your unique link to join as well as the password.

Zoom.Gov: At the end of days 2 - 5, we will host the roundtables on Zoom.Gov to allow attendee participation. A calendar invitation will be sent 24 business hours prior to the event.



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