Image of David Rampton; Rampton sits before a gray background. He wears a gray suit and tie, is smiling with his teeth showing, and light hair parted on the side.

David Rampton

Vice President, Supply Chain & Strategy
February Manufacturing Division Virtual Meeting

Dave Rampton is the Vice President of Supply Chain & Strategy at Aerofied. A degreed Manufacturing Engineer from Brigham Young University, David launched a career in supply chain management with Raytheon Space Systems. As a technical consultant, he has led software development projects as a Manufacturing Expert to Galorath Inc. and others; developing parametric algorithms to mathematically define various manufacturing processes. Most recently, David oversaw the development and release of an Additive Manufacturing module for the company’s flagship software tool. In 2017, he founded RampTech Engineering – offering material testing & certification services to the likes of JPL & Raytheon, along with technical consulting for product development, business development and supply chain management. Today, with Aerofied, David shares a vision of making it easier for small businesses to support their big Aerospace customers. Native of Southern California, David often enjoys time at the beach with his wife and two children.