Carol Putman, PhD

Booz Allen Hamilton
Senior Lead Engineer
2021 Aircraft Survivability Symposium
Carol Putman is a Senior Lead Engineer in advanced materials for Booz Allen Hamilton. She holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering and degrees in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering. She has been working for close to 15 years in providing solutions with materials challenges for defense, aerospace, and the automotive industry. Latest roles involve transferring technology for manufacturing lines at the NNSA’s National Security Campus at Kansas City, GE Aviation and Dynetics within the national defense enterprise. Throughout her career, she has focused on advancing technologies for polymers, carbon composites and ceramic matrix composites by leveraging modeling and simulation. At Booz Allen Hamilton, she is applying this approach to support developments in the areas of high temperature materials for hypersonic applications, hybrid additive manufacturing for conformational microelectronics, embedded sensors, and novel energetic materials for extended life and survivability.