IPW Digest

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From the Chairman's Column: 

2020 marks the exciting inaugural year of Integrated Precision Warfare (IPW), even under the uncertainty of a pandemic. We see IPW’s mission as even more critical under the lockdown orders where the channels for the free flow of ideas among industry, academia, laboratories and the government are, for all intents and purposes, severed.

As the world stays inside to ride out the coronavirus, global threats continue to march onward, taking large strides while the global population is stricken with a different fear.

The Precision Warfare community needs to maintain the watch, tending the advanced technology store and ensuring America and our Allies are prepared to deter and counter the opportunistic threats from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

It is my honor to introduce the new Integrated Precision Warfare organization chartered to tackle the pressing all-domain threat challenges facing our Nation. Read more here.