Precision Strike Technology Symposium (PSTS-20)

PSTS-branding Precision Strike
  • 10/20/2020 - 10/22/2020
  • The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
    11100 Johns Hopkins Road
    Laurel,  MD  20723
  • Theme : Advanced Precision Strike for the Multi Domain Fight
    Event Type : Symposium
    Event Code : 1PST


Mark your calendar for the Precision Strike Technology Symposium (PSTS-20)! This SECRET//NOFORN event will focus on the tactical and technological challenges faced by our warfighters and the defense industry. PSTS topics include current warfighting challenges and environment, pioneering technologies from the DoD Service and National laboratories, novel strategies and concepts from Industry thought leaders, and a range of other time-relevant subjects presented by a broad selection of organizations.   

The PSTS is contextualized through high-level leadership keynote speakers, such as 4-Star General/Flag Officers, Members of Congress, and industry leadership, as well as through timely intelligence- and warfighter-based threat briefs throughout the symposium. Guided by the topics concerning top leadership, the PSTS is built around a foundation of technical briefs that showcase the up-and-coming capabilities and enabling technologies that will enable solutions to the issues the warfighter is facing today. These briefings provide value to the Services and the industry and often inspire new collaborations and novel ways to utilize these capabilities. While the agenda is tailored year by year to be up-to-the-minute relevant, regular technology families showcased include hypersonics, electronic warfare, and guided missiles.

Additional information will be available soon. Check this site for updates!

*Please note: This event is closed to the press as it is classified SECRET//NOFORN.


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