Electronics Division Meeting

  • 1/28/2020 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center
    2121 Crystal Drive, Suite 100
    Arlington,  VA  22202
  • Theme : Commercial and Defense Interests in Space: Implications for Microelectronics
    Event Type : Committee-Division Meeting
    Event Code : 087M


Join us at the Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center in Arlington, VA, as we explore the intersection of commercial and defense activity in space. This meeting will cover a variety of topics, including: 

  • R&D challenges
  • Radiation hardening and extreme temperature regimes
  • The health of the industrial base, particularly testing infrastructure

We will dive into supply chain issues, discussing assurance and the role that it plays in the commercial space sector. There will also be a special segment on government policy to examine who is doing what among the agencies.

*Please note: Participation in the Electronics Division Meeting is limited U.S. citizens only. This event is closed to the press.


Topics: Electronics