Dr. Brian Dupaix

Electronics Division Breakfast

Dr. Brian Dupaix currently serves as the Air Force Design Assurance Lead at the Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate in Dayton, Ohio and is an adjunct professor at The Ohio State University. Dr. Dupaix holds a BS degree Brigham Young University and MS and PhD degrees from The Ohio State University. Prior to joining AFRL, he was a Research Scientist at Ohio State’s ElectroScience Laboratory, working on high-speed DACs and ADCs, III-V power-amplifiers, mixed-signal reliability, and trusted electronic components. He also worked in industry, at Honeywell Air Transport Systems, designing digital ASICs for commercial flight and navigation computers and 4 years at Intrinsix creating IP blocks for extensible processors and System-on-Chip ASICs for consumer electronics. He has published over 30 papers and holds three patents with several pending.