Poster Abstracts

We invite high-quality professional posters that reflect the theme of “Modernizing the Future Fight: Accelerate & Adapt.”

Poster submissions are now closed. Please contact Reneé Despot at if you have any questions. 

Poster Category

  • Autonomy & Robotics: We are looking for topics/capabilities that involve having a robot perform tasks without human intervention. such tasks could include sensing, planning, or implementing action in a self-governing manner.
  • Advanced Protection: We are looking for topics/capabilities that integrate CBRN individual and collective protection versus making it a standalone necessity. The intent is to enhance a warfighter’s lethality rather than hinder it.
  • Decision Support: Decision support systems serve the management, operations, and planning levels of the DoD physical security enterprise to help make decisions, which may be rapidly changing with little advanced warning. The DoD is looking for a capability/tool that focuses on command and control equipment, projects related to the creation and enhancement of common operating pictures, orthe establishment of common architectures and interface standards.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: The DoD is looking to incorporate AI into decision-making and operations to reduce risk to fielded forces while generating military advantage. Do you have tools/capabilities that can help better maintain our equipment, reduce operational costs, and improve readiness? By improving the accuracy of military assessments and enhancing mission precision, AI can reduce the risk of civilian casualties and other collateral damage.
  • Simulated Training Environment: Long gone are the days of classroom training and technical manuals. We are looking for topics and ideas that provide standalone, realistic training that does not require removing the warfighter from the fight.


The deadline to submit your poster abstract is Friday, June 14. You will be notified in mid-to-late June whether your submission has been accepted.

Poster Size

Poster dimensions must not exceed the 48” (h) x 96” (l) dimensions of the partition backing. Poster session presenters will be given one side of the partition backing on which posters may be affixed. The only materials that should be used are laminations, pictures, paper, or poster paper.

  • If a push pin or Velcro strip cannot attach an item to the board, then it is not permitted to be used. Thumbtacks, Velcro, or stick-pin hangers must be supplied by presenters.
  • Nothing should stand alone, on the floor, or hang off of the board. No extra props are allowed (tables, equipment, etc.). There is no floor space permitted for a poster session.
  • Presentation posters should contain graphics, text, and reproduced images suitable for media reproduced to the partition dimensions. We recommend text sizes no smaller than font size 50 (graphs or images with text less than 50 excepted). Images should contain suitable dpi no smaller than hi-res .jpgs.


It is recommended that posters are brought on-site with the attendee.

If you choose to ship your poster, please contact Reneé Despot at for shipping instructions. Make sure that you are shipping to the attention of the poster author or whomever will be in charge of posting the poster once on-site. DO NOT send your poster to NDIA.

Set Up/Removal

Presenters are responsible for both posting and removing their own posters. Posters left up after scheduled presentation periods will be taken down and thrown away.

The poster must be attached to the bulletin board no later than 8:45 am on Tuesday, July 23, 2019, and taken down no later than 2:30 pm on Wednesday, July 24, 2019. Posters will be removed after 3:30 pm on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, if not already removed/claimed.

Session Hours

The Poster Session will be open during breaks and the networking reception.

Symposium Registration

All presenters must register and pay for the conference.

Please note: Poster acceptance for poster presentations does not include a session presentation.

Poster Clearance

This event is an open conference and the audience may include foreign nationals and members of the press. Therefore, all posters must be cleared for public dissemination. Government presenters should clear their posters through their respective Public Affairs Office. Industry and academic presenters showcasing posters related to a government contract should clear their posters through their government contracting officer and Public Affairs Office. Posters not relating to a government contract should be processed through the respective company or institution's Public Affairs Office. Allied presenters should clear their posters in accordance with their respective government's procedures.