Attendee Information

Appropriate dress for the conference is:
 Industry: Business Casual
 Active Duty Military: Khakis
 Military Speakers: Khakis
 Civilian Speakers: Coat and Tie

ID Badge
During registration, each attendee will be issued a conference badge that must be worn during the event. Please be prepared to present a valid picture ID.  As per recent CNIC naval message, NAVSHORE 004/16, individuals who present a state issued driver’s license from Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington, and identification cards from American Samoa will not be accepted.  Individuals who do present credentials from one of the above named states or territories must provide a second form of identification.

Restricted Items
Attendees will not be allowed to take briefcases, bags, electronic devices, or other personal property into auditoriums excluding woman’s handbags; however, handbags will be inspected upon entry into all sessions. An electronic device is defined to include cell phones, two-way radios, AM/FM radios, personal digital assistants (PDAs) such as tablets, palm pilots, Fitbits, Smart Watches, and blackberries; laptop computers; cameras; video/audio recording equipment, pagers, or any other transmitting device.

Hotel Parking rates:
Self Parking: $35.00 USD daily
Valet: $40.00 USD daily

Special Accommodations
NDIA is committed to making events accessible to all attendees. If you require an accessibility accommodation or have allergies/dietary restrictions, please contact Ms. Alissa Meehan at or (703) 247-2540 no later than March 11, 2019.

Harassment Policy
NDIA is committed to providing a professional environment free from physical, psychological and verbal harassment. NDIA will not tolerate harassment of any kind, including but not limited to harassment based on ethnicity, religion, disability, physical appearance, gender, or sexual orientation. This policy applies to all participants and attendees at NDIA conferences, meetings and events. Harassment includes offensive gestures and verbal comments, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, inappropriate photography and recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome attention. Participants requested to cease harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately, and failure will serve as grounds for revoking access to the NDIA event.

NDIA supports the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Attendees with special needs or allergies/dietary restrictions should contact (Meeting Planner) at (703) 247-xxxx or upon registration and no later than Month X, 20XX (2 weeks before the conference date).