Missile Science and Technology (S&T)/Industry Manufacturing Technology Symposium

AGM-114 Hellfire missile loaded onto an AH-64E Apache helicopter
  • 5/3/2018 - 5/4/2018
  • Dynetics, Inc.
    1004 Explorer Boulevard
    Huntsville,  AL  35806
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The NDIA Manufacturing Division is partnered with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers an to hold a Missile Science and Technology (S&T) /Industry Manufacturing Technology Symposium.  The Army will share new technology initiatives for the warfighter and future systems along with its needs from industry.  Representatives from Industry will be sharing what new manufacturing technologies are available to Army programs.

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SME is registering attendees through its registration system.  Please follow this link to register.

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Registration price: $195 Industry, $99 Government.

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About This Symposium

The purpose of this symposium is to explore with industry with some of the difficult manufacturing challenges facing the U.S. Army in its acquisition of advanced capabilities to support the warfighter, and to provide industry an opportunity to present some of its leading edge manufacturing solutions that may help the Army in accelerating its acquisition of technology.

The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) is the Army’s focal point for providing research, development, and engineering technology and services for aviation and missile platforms across the life cycle.  The mission of AMRDEC is to deliver collaborative and innovative aviation and missile capabilities for responsive and cost-effective research, development and life cycle engineering solutions


The symposium program is still being defined, but will include topics such as :

  • Missiles S&T 30-Year Road Map
  • Topology Optimization of Missile Components
  • Tactical High Speed Missile Structures
  • Laser Welding Composites
  • Structural Bonding of Composites

NDIA Manufacturing Division

The NDIA Manufacturing Division aids industry/government/academia interaction in technology areas directly related to manufacturing research, design, development, testing and production. Through such interaction, these groups exchange information and views that benefit the development of advanced technology for the warfighter.  Visit the Division's web page here.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

SME has been supporting the manufacturing industry for the last 85 years. Working closely with manufacturing professionals, companies, educators, schools and communities, we share knowledge and resources that generate solutions to manufacturing industry challenges.


The NDIA has a policy of strict compliance with federal and state antitrust laws. The antitrust laws prohibit competitors from engaging in actions that could result in an unreasonable restraint of trade. Consequently, NDIA members must avoid discussing certain topics when they are together – both at formal association membership, board, committee, and other meetings and in informal contacts with other industry members: prices, fees, rates, profit margins, or other terms or conditions of sale (including allowances, credit terms, and warranties); allocation of markets or customers or division of territories; or refusals to deal with or boycotts of suppliers, customers or other third parties, or topics that may lead participants not to deal with a particular supplier, customer or third party.



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