Day three of the symposium, Thursday, March 8, is classified at the Secret U.S. Level. All attendees must be U.S. Citizens holding a secret clearance or higher.

Attendees are required to submit a visit request via JPAS to SMO Code 7L0307.


The MITRE Corporation
Attn: Dave Senty
7515 Colshire Drive M/S T110
McLean, VA 22102
Fax: 703-983-6012

Confirmation Phone: Karen Loss, 703-983-1447


Remember to provide meeting POC and purpose on signed visitor certificate:

  • MITRE Technical POC and Phone: Dave Senty, 703-983-1741
  • Purpose: Cyber-Enabled Emerging Technologies Symposium
  • SSN & Clearance level
  • Granting agency
  • Date granted


Any questions or issues with JPAS, please contact Karen Loss at 703-983-1447.