Product Demonstrations

The following product demonstrations will be on display throughout the day, with dedicated time during the morning break and the evening reception.


Improving Unit Readiness with High Fidelity Augmented Reality for Reduced Maintenance Errors and Time on Task
Table 7
Presented by: CDR Scott Toppel, AVATAR Partners, Inc.
Product Description: The Augmented Reality Maintenance Aid (ARMA) demonstration uses a Hololens with Vuforia-enabled object tracking technology to walk a user through a wire trace, troubleshooting, and repair maintenance task.

Development of an Augmented Reality Visual System for Air Crew Training
Table 2
Presented by: John Burwell, Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Product Description: The demo will feature videos of the Augmented Reality Visual System that will support pilot training.

Manifest - Bringing Mixed Reality to the Warfighter
Table 6
Presented by: Robert Piazza, Booz Allen Hamilton
Product Description: Users will build circuitry wearing Hololens using the Manifest application. Users will interact with video tutorials, step by step instructions, and augmented reality overlays, showing relevant circuit locations to complete this 3-5-minute task.

AUGMENTOR, Using AR to Replicate Experts and Share Knowledge Across the Enterprise
Table 4
Presented by:
 Kelly Hale and Andres Lombana, Design Interactive, Inc.
Product Description: AUGMENTOR: Tool which affords creation of AR maintenance troubleshooting procedures for knowledge sharing. Attendees will see how easy it is to create videos, take pictures, and insert holograms for use in operational procedures and training modules.

Markerless Augmented Reality for Inspection and Repair Operations
Table 9
Presented by:
 William Wright, General Dynamics Applied Physical Sciences
Product Description: This demonstration will describe how a simple tablet-based augmented reality application is helping Bath Iron Works decrease the costs associated with inspection and repair of shipboard equipment.

LMI’s Augmented Reality Solutions for Spatial Planning and Training
Table 5
Presented by: Ethan Caraway, Logistics Management Institute
Product Description: LMI will demo the ARCP and ARCT applications on HoloLens to show how AR can provide cost effective ways to plan and train. Attendees will be able to experience demos through the headset and LMI will stream the experience to a display for a wider audience.

Improving Workforce Development Using Augmented Reality; An Agile Project Management Perspective
Table 3
Presented by:
 Mia Joe and Aris Vincent Picardo, Newport News Shipbuilding
Product Description: The demonstration will provide a hands-on opportunity to experience three AR applications developed for the shipbuilding industry:

  • Electrical Trainer AR application
  • Absence of Voltage AR application
  • JLG Boom Operator AR application

Remote Collaboration with Mixed Reality
Table 10
Presented by: Raven Zachary, Object Theory
Product Description: Prism by Object Theory is a mixed reality application that allows collaboration in real time from remote locations. It includes support for customized avatars, display of 3D models at table top and true scale sizes, spatial audio chat, and annotations. 

Augmented Reality Experiences and Smart-Connected Learning Environment
Table 9
Presented by:
 John Parsons and David Segal, PTC
Product Description: The demonstration will showcase PTC Industrial Augmented Reality and Internet of Things solutions and best practices adopted in Aerospace and Defense industry. 

  • Cirrus Jet AR preflight check and maintenance analysis
  • F-16 AR Experience

Spacemark, Augmented Reality Mobile App Relevant to Two Areas of Focus: Emergency Management/Disaster Relief and Covert Communications
Table 1
Presented by:
 Juliette Blythe, Spacemark Labs, Inc.
Product Description: Utilizing 2 smart devices and 1 laptop, the audience will participate in the process of creating and viewing ‘Marks’ at both an individual and command level, as well as communication between the devices, simulating a real-world scenario.