Attendee General Information

Below is a link to APL's visitor guide which includes driving directions and security instructions.


Driving instructions to JHU/APL and a map of the APL facility can be found at


The preferred method* for Incoming Visitor Control to receive advance notice is via fax to 240-228-6400 and to the attention of Incoming Visitor Control.


Voice confirmation may be obtained at 240-228-5661. The advance notice should include the following information: (within the sending facility's official letterhead when faxing to Incoming Visitor Control)


1.     *Facility's name, address, telephone number, Commercial and Government Entity (Cage) code, if applicable, and certification of the level of the facility security clearance; 

2.     Name, date and place of birth, citizenship, and SSN of the employee intending to visit;

3.     Certification of the proposed visitor's PCL and any special access authorizations required for the visit;

4.     Name of person(s) to be visited;

5.     Purpose of the visit;

6.     Date or period during which the visit request is to be valid; and

7.     Security Office signature


* Those sending facilities who have mandated the use of the Department of Defense database, JPAS, are required to send the advance notice to Incoming Visitor Control using our SMO Code = 888984. Please remind the facility or visitor not to have it sent both methods. If advance notice of visit is not received, the visitor will be required to provide the receptionist/guard with his/her social security number to check JPAS database for a one-day

visit approval. Staff calling Incoming Visitor Control, to confirm clearance receipt, will also need to provide Incoming Visitor Control with the visitor's social security number (when advance notice has not been received). E-mails containing anyone's social security number must be sent via protected (encrypted) e-mail.


Visitors are prohibited from making recordings during classified discussions without prior written approval by the contracting officer. A copy of this authorization must be given to the JHU/APL Security Office upon arrival at the Laboratory.  Classified material may not be released to a visitor without prior written approval of the contracting activity, except as required in connection with contract administration, in performance of a prime or subcontract, or as necessary in connection with an official investigation.  If a classified meeting is held with visitors in a conference room, it is the responsibility of the individual in charge of the meeting to ensure that proper security measures are implemented.