8th Annual Integrated Air and Missile Defense Symposium

Strike Land Attack Air Defense
  • 7/13/2017 7:00 am - 4:50 pm
  • The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Kossiakoff Conference Center
    11100 Johns Hopkins Rd
    Laurel,  MD  20723
  • Theme : Speed to Capability - Changing the Way We Deliver New IAMD Capability to the Force
    Event Type : Symposium
    Event Code : 7100


This is NDIA’s 8th Annual event on a critical national defense topic, and the subject of an increasingly important and continuously growing new body of military art: The State of Integrated Air and Missile Defense, or IAMD.  In addition to updates on the state of critical IAMD systems and initiatives, our speaker theme this year will be to highlight the idea of “Speed to Capability ---- Changing the Way We Deliver New IAMD Capability to the Force.”

Our classified (SECRET NOFORN), no-media-allowed, not-for-attribution Symposium, hosted by the teamed NDIA Missile Defense Division and the NDIA Strike, Land Attack, and Air Defense (SLAAD) Division, will give you the latest unfiltered, unvarnished straight talk and discussion about the priorities and challenges of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Missile Defense Agency, and the Services with the Global BMDS program and the state of Integrated Air and Missile Defense overall.

When you join us for our annual “high-data-rate,” one-day “State of IAMD” event, you will get valuable, “off the record” insights and information from key decision makers on such issues as:

  • Ideas on our Theme for 2017 --- Speed to Capability” --- delivering new IAMD capability to the Force
  • The current Joint and Service priorities in IAMD
  • An update on and insights into the critical current and emerging threats which make advances in IAMD capability a national imperative
  • The latest investments in IAMD capabilities and technologies, and where we will be heading in the near and longer-term future.

As in the first seven of our “State of IAMD” symposia, our eighth IAMD event is being held at the Kossiakoff Conference Center of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, conveniently located in nearby Laurel, MD, on Thursday, the 13th of July 2017.

Don’t miss this once-a-year chance to get an inside take on the latest on IAMD --- especially if you are a government, military, or industry technical and engineering professional.  Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to connect with the people you need to meet and learn what you need to know from the people in-the-know on IAMD systems, planning and development.

Active Duty Military, please contact Tina Fletcher at tfletcher@ndia.org or 703-247-2558 to register.


Mr. Terence Rice
(703) 247-9468