Technology Demonstration


Well, it’s that time of the year where we all look forward to a great NDIA Armament Systems Forum Technology Demonstration, “NDIA Tech Demo” for short, (formerly known as the “NDIA Joint Armaments Symposium Firepower Demonstration”) and a promising and safe day on the range.  This year the event is a joint effort with the NDIA Small Arms, Guns, Ammunition, Rockets and Missiles (GARM) and Unconventional and Emerging Armament (UEA) Committees participating together.  Every year more Contractors understand the importance of placing their technologies and products in the demonstration to showcase available and evolving technologies that would benefit the capabilities of our warfighters.


NDIA Armament Systems Forum Technology Demonstration Overview: 

To ensure that systems and technologies evolving within each committee is included in the demonstration, the scope of the demonstration has been expanded to include not only firing demonstrations of various weapons or ammunition types but also seek to include items that complement or enable effective use of the armament systems. This may include systems and technologies which enable weapon capability and benefit or apply to the armaments community.  Note that demonstration items are not required to be firing items but can be hardware to be viewed etc.

The Armament Division welcomes participation of the Armament Systems Forum attendees with applicable systems and technology.  In addition, and to ensure that the demonstration provides opportunity for evolving capabilities, attendee suggestions of systems or technology which should be considered for inclusion are encouraged.  


If you are interested in demonstrating your available and evolving technologies or if you want more information on the Tech Demo please reach out to Savanna Stephens at