2016 Agile In Government Summit Highlights

2016 Agile in Government Summit Highlights

Keynote Speakers

Gene KimGene Kim
IT Revolution
Award Winning CTO, Researcher, The Phoenix Project and Visible Ops Co-Author, Founder of Tripwire

Mark SchwartzMark Schwartz
Chief Information Officer
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service


Richard Knaster
SAFe® Fellow and Principal Consultant at Scaled Agile,

David LinthicumDavid Linthicum
Senior Vice President, Cloud Technology Partners
Cloud Computing Visionary, Author, and Speaker

Gary BlissGary Bliss
Director, Program Assessment and Root Cause Analysis

Peter Christensen
Director, National Cyber Range, Test Management Resource Center



Event Presentations given by Leaders in the Agile Community

Who’s Definition of Done? The journey of transforming a government agency to DevOps

Introduction to Agile, SCRUM and DevOps

Hot Topics In Agile

G2 Enterprise Information Management System

"Agile" Contracting - Making the contract work for you!

Top 10 Agile Questions to Ask as a Senior Manager

Testing on Agile Projects:  What’s Different?

Unified Software Delivery: Tracking Business Value From Idea to the End User

Agile PM and Scrum - A DSDM Perspective

Army Reserve Compnent Automation Systems (RCAS) Case Study

Agile Implementation in the Reserve Component Automation Systems

DevOps In Government IT

Effectively Integrating Earned Value Management in an Agile Environment

DevOps - Applying Commercial  Best Practices to Federal IT