Attendee Information

Appropriate dress for the symposium and Annual Awards Banquet is business for civilians and Class A uniform or uniform of the day for military personnel.

During symposium registration and check-in, each attendee will be issued an identification badge. Please be prepared to present a valid picture ID. Your badge must be worn at all symposium functions.
Proceedings will be available on the web through the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) two weeks after the symposium. All registered attendees will receive an email notification once the proceedings are available.

NDIA supports the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. For more information, please contact Mrs. Jessica L. Roman, Associate Director, Operations, at and reference Event #7880.

Construction of the parking garage is well under way
Attendees who have a sleeping room reservation will be able to park onsite at the hotel entrance.

Attendees who are local and do not have a sleeping room will park offsite at a parking garage located at 6120/6130 Executive Boulevard. Attendees will park their car and board the shuttle to the hotel. Once they are at the hotel, they will purchase a parking ticket validated at the discounted parking rate of $12.00. They will need the purchased, validated ticket to board the shuttle back to the garage.