NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG)

The NIAG, formed in 1968, is a high-level consultative and advisory group of senior industrialists of NATO member countries acting under the Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD), the principal forum in NATO for Armaments Cooperation.


  •  A forum of free exchange of views on industrial, technical, and economic management of research, development and production of armaments equipment within the Alliance.
  •  Industry’s advice to the CNAD on fostering government-to-industry and industry-to-industry armaments cooperation.
  •  Optional use of NIAG resources to assist CNAD armaments groups in exploring opportunities for international collaboration, and ways to satisfy NATO military requirements.

Upcoming Opportunities 

NDIA, through our NIAG participation, has been invited to participate in the next study iteration—IST-176 on Federated Interoperability of Military C2 and IoT systems.

It is believed that “Industry and government working together builds mutual understanding of the military’s issues and potential solutions from an early stage, which will bring benefit in later stages of capability development.” This statement reflects the Framework for NATO Industry Engagement (FNIE). 

Any relevant NDIA member is invited to participate. If interested, please contact the study leads directly: 
- Niranjan SURI - Army Research Lab or  
- Zbigniew Zielinski - 

We look forward to your participation in both the NIAG study and future NDIA events.


TAP-IST for an RTG on Interoperability and Integration of IoT


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