NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG)

The NIAG, formed in 1968, is a high-level consultative and advisory group of senior industrialists of NATO member countries acting under the Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD), the principal forum in NATO for Armaments Cooperation.


  •  A forum of free exchange of views on industrial, technical, and economic management of research, development and production of armaments equipment within the Alliance.
  •  Industry’s advice to the CNAD on fostering government-to-industry and industry-to-industry armaments cooperation.
  •  Optional use of NIAG resources to assist CNAD armaments groups in exploring opportunities for international collaboration, and ways to satisfy NATO military requirements.

Upcoming Opportunities 

NIAG Study

The NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG) is running a spontaneous study that will collect lessons identified and/or learned along with good practices from the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic to make recommendations to industry, nations, and NATO, and inform their actions to:
Correct the deficiencies identified;
Boost their individual and collective resilience through industrial preparedness;
Make continuity of armed forces and essential services to the population more durable;
Identify steps for further national or collective action; and
Identify defense technologies that could be used for fighting against or controlling future pandemic crises.

The study will focus on the defense industry while also reflecting upon other industries (e.g. medical, civil aviation, civil manufacturing, IT, etc.) as appropriate.

The study details can be found here.

All responses should be sent to the NDIA NIAG representative, Dana Beyeler no later than 5:00 pm on June 24.

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