Conferences and Training Opportunities

This is not a complete list of every Import/Export or ITAR related training opportunity which exists. NDIA does not endorse any specific company, service provider, or training session.

If you are an NDIA Corporate Member and would like your Import/Export or ITAR related training event advertised on this page, please contact Britt Sullivan at or (703) 247-2587.


Training Opportunities

Export Compliance Solutions (ECS) offers three levels of seminars for both ITAR and EAR training as well as an on-line ITAR & EAR Awareness video with quizzes, a final exam and a certificate of completion. Available seminars:

  • EAR/ITAR Boot Camp
  • EAR/ITAR Beyond the Basics
  • Advanced ITAR/EAR Compliance The on-Line ITAR Awareness and EAR Training is designed to raise awareness of all staff from the receptionist to the CEO. Select this link for more information:

Export Compliance Training Institute


Bureau of Industry and Security

  • Complying with U.S. Export Control
  • Complying with the ITAR

Unz and Co.

International Import-Export Institute at Dunlap-Stone University: six week Trade and Compliance Courses on several different topics including:

  • U.S. Export Compliance for non-U.S. Companies
  • Compliance Appreciation
  • Introduction to Importing
  • Importing Duties and Regulations
  • Introduction to CTPAT
  • Exporting/Importing Environment
  • Trade Compliance Env (1, 2, and 3)
  • Empowered Official Essentials
  • Understanding the ITAR
  • Understanding the EAR
  • Documentation for Export Compliance

Partnerships International, Inc.

Practicing Law Institute