Annotated FTR - Foreign Trade Regulations

by James Ellwood Bartlett III
15 C.F.R. Part 30

The Annotated Foreign Trade Regulations (2016), better known as “Bartlett’s Annotated FTR” (the “BAFTR”), contains the complete FTR with all amendments to date. The Table of Contents, footnotes, section histories, and Index were added by the author, with contributions from readers. The BAFTR also contains footnotes to delayed implementation sections that take effect in the future, footnotes to errors in the official BAFTR, section histories, cases interpreting the regulations, and practice tips. The BAFTR is available for purchase in electronic copies (Word) by annual subscription. Subscribers receive all amendments as they are published in the Federal Register in completely revised versions in Word, sent directly to subscribers in an email attachment. With an electronic subscription, you will never be without an updated version of the FTR.

Purchase the BAFTR at the Full Circle Compliance website, or NDIA members may obtain a 10% discount by contacting the author, Jim Bartlett, at or 202-802-0646, or emailing Britt Sullivan at for the NDIA discount code.