Trusted Microelectonics Joint Working Group

TM JWG Team 1: Future Requirements

What are the microelectronics capabilities needed by defense contractors to maintain our technical advantage, both now and in the future?  Are there ways to quantify the value of hardware performance in the context of systems?  Are there new hardware paradigms on the horizon that could be disruptive?

Team Lead
Mr. Charles Adams
Northrop Grumman


TM JWG Team 2: Trustable Leading Edge Technology Access

What are the potential consequences of China’s semiconductor indigenous investments to the U.S. defense microelectronics industrial base?  What is the likely impact of losing access to Trusted supplier base or trustable components in the future?  What are the concerns regarding defense industry access to commercially available technologies?  What could be done and how much would it cost?

Team Lead
Mr. Ezra Hall


TM JWG Team 3: Trustable Microelectronics Standard Products

Explore the concept of assurance and risk in using parts not manufactured by a DMEA accredited Trusted flow. What are recommended methods for achieving confidence and assurance? What are the limitations? How much will it cost to implement?

Team Lead
Mr. Ken Lebo
JACOBS Engineering


TM JWG Team 4: New Methods to Instill Trust in Semiconductor Fabrication

What options exist for obtaining Trusted and trustable defense systems components from the projected future supplier base, including design approaches, fabrication approaches, and new concepts?

Team Lead
Dr. Pat Hays
The Boeing Corporation


TM JWG Team 5: Support & Integration Team

The Support & Integration Team will be the primary liaison with the NDIA and will provide assistance as needed to the Study Teams.

Team Lead:
Ms. Catherine Ortiz
Defined Business Solutions, LLC